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Lamictal starter kit cost

Lamictal starter kit cost

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How should i store lamictal.

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Information about Lamictal.

Lamotrigine extended-releaselong-actingtablets are used with other medications to treat certain types of seizures in patients who have epilepsyAll types of lamotrigine tabletstabletsorally disintegrating tabletsand chewable tabletsother than the extended-release tablets are used alone or with other medications to treat seizures in people who have epilepsy or Lennox-Gastaut syndromea disorder that causes seizures and often causes developmental delaysAll types of lamotrigine tablets other than the extended-release tablets are also used to increase the time between episodes of depressionmaniafrenzied or abnormally excited moodand other abnormal moods in patients with bipolar I disordermanic-depressive disordera disease that causes episodes of depressionepisodes of maniaand other abnormal moodsLamotrigine has not been shown to be effective when people experience the actual episodes of depression or maniaso other medications must be used to help people recover from these episodesLamotrigine is in a class of medications called anticonvulsantsIt works by decreasing abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

Although benign rashes are also caused by LAMICTALit is not possible to predict reliably which rashes will prove to be serious or life threateningAccordinglyLAMICTAL should ordinarily be discontinued at the first sign of rashunless the rash is clearly not drug relatedDiscontinuation of treatment may not prevent a rash from becoming life threatening or permanently disabling or disfiguringsee WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS

The effects of lamotrigine on the induction of specific families of mixed-function oxidase isozymes have not been systematically evaluated.

Patients or their caregivers should contact their health care professionals right away if they experience any symptom of HLH while taking lamotrigineHLH can occur within days to weeks after starting treatmentA physical examination and specific laboratory blood tests and other evaluations are used to diagnose HLHSigns and symptoms of HLH include but are not limited to:

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increase lamictal xr to 250 or 300 mg day and discontinue valproate.

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