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Cheap shatavari cardamom

Cheap shatavari cardamom

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Shatavari is a variety of asparagus native to india.

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Information about Shatavari.

Talk to your doctor or a natural health practitioner before incorporating shatavari in your routineespecially if you take medications or have health problemsThey can help you determine the right dose for you.

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Shatavari is most commonly purchased as a bulk powder or as a tabletThe advantage of buying it in bulk is that it is significantly cheaper on a per use basis and it allows one to take the herbs in the most traditional wayTablets are considered by many to be a quickermore convenient method of taking the herbs along with providing the option of not having to taste the herbsMany Ayurvedic practitioners feel that their clients are more likely to take the herbs if they are provided in tablet formIn addition to powdertabletsand liquid extract of shatavariBanyan Botanicals also uses organic shatavari in several of its products:

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in addition, shatavari is thought to contain phytoestrogens a class of compounds with estrogen-like effects .

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