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Information about Purim.

The Meaning of the People of Israel Uniting and Giving Esther the Power to Address the King.

Make sure the buckwheat flour you use is wheat-free/gluten-freeSometimes buckwheat flour is mixed with white or wheat flourThe Hodgson Mill buckwheat and flax linked above are gluten-free and have reliable kosher certification.

3/4 cup butter or margarine 3/4 cup sugar 2 eggs 2 tbsporange juicethe smooth kindnot the pulpy2 cups white flour 1-1/2 cups wheat flourDO NOT substitute white flourThe wheat flour is necessary to achieve the right texture2 tspbaking powder 1 tspcinnamon 1 tspdried orange peel2 tspif freshVarious preservesfruit butters and/or pie fillings.

Mordechaithe spiritual desire that wants only to adhere to the Creatorthe quality of bestowal and lovelived happily and the kingdom was at peace.

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there are 4 special mitzvot we do to help celebrate the purim holiday .

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