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Cheap anafranil dosage

Cheap anafranil dosage

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As with closely related tricyclic antidepressants, anafranil should be used with caution in the following .

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Information about Anafranil.

All mdicins hav isks and bnits. You docthas wighd th isks you taking this mdicin against th bnits it can povid.

Thyoid disas: Popl whhav an ovactiv thyoid gland a at an incasd isk dvloping an igula hatbat whil taking this mdication. I you hav bn diagnosd as having an ovactiv thyoid, discuss with you docthow this mdication may act you mdical condition, how you mdical condition may act th dosing and ctivnss this mdication, and whth any spcial monitoing is ndd.

Thos updats may contain impotant inomation about th mdicin and its us which you should b awa.

Taking Anaanil with oth dugs that mak you slpy can wosn this ct. Ask you doctbtaking a slping pill, opioid pain mdication, muscl lax, mdicin anxity, dpssion, sizus.

Dnot stop taking Anaanil chang th dos without ist chcking with you docto. Dnot lt yousl un out mdicin ov th wknd on holidays.

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