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Beauty box artane price list

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Abupt withdawal tatmnt pakinsonism may sult in acut xacbation pakinsonism symptoms; tho, abupt withdawal should b avoidd (s DOSAG AND ADMINISTATION )

Cannabinoids, babituats, opiats, and alcohol may hav additiv cts with ATAN (tihxyphnidyl) , and thus, an abus potntial xists.

Though it hlps many popl, this mdication may somtims caus addiction. This isk may b high i you hav a substanc us disod (such as ovus addiction tdugs/alcohol). Dnot incas you dos, tak it motn, us it a long tim than pscibd. Poply stop th mdication whn sdictd. Som conditions may bcom wos whn th dug is suddnly stoppd. You dos may nd tb gadually dcasd.

Tihxyphnidyl tablts should b takn at mal tims (just bjust at a mal). I you a not su how many tablts ttak whn ttak thm, ask you phamacist. Tihxyphnidyl tablts should b swallowd whol with a glass wat.

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