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Alesse birth control generic name

Alesse birth control generic name

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Sistema nervoso centrale raramente, malessere.

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Information about Alesse.

Dnot us Alss i you a pgnant i you hav cntly had a baby. You should not tak Alss i you hav any th ollowing conditions: uncontolld high blood pssu, hat disas, a blood-clotting disod, ciculation poblms, diabtic poblms with you ys kidnys, unusual vaginal blding, liv disas liv canc, sv migain hadachs, i you smok and a ov 35, i you hav v had bast utin canc, jaundic causd by bith contol pills, a hat attack, a stok, a blood clot.

You may nd tus back up bith contol, such as condoms a spmicid, whn you ist stat using Alss i you miss a dos. ollow you docto’s instuctions.

Incasd isk myocadial inaction attibutd toal contacptiv us; isk is pimaily in smoks womn with oth undlying isk actos coonay-aty disas such as hyptnsion, hypcholstolmia, mobid obsity, and diabts.

Discontinu thapy i an atial thombotic vnt vnous thombombolic (VT) vnt occus; i asibl, stop thapy at last 4 wks band though 2 wks at majsugy oth sugis known thav an lvatd isk VT as wll as duing and ollowing polongd immobilization; initiat thapy nali than 4 wks at dlivy in womn wha not bastding; isk postpatum VT dcass at thid postpatum wk, whas isk ovulation incass at thid postpatum wk.

“It is just kind scay. I might hav not takn thos pills had I known soon,” said MacKinnon.

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the patient should be instructed to begin taking alesse levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol on either the first sunday after the onset of menstruation sunday start or on day 1 of menstruation day 1 start .

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